1.19.2008--MARION, NC                                                                                                                The RT 226 construction from I-40 is still in progress. This improvement will help alleviate the traffic congestion between I-40 and the Marion By-Pass which starts at the 226 & 221 intersection. The roadway will only be widened by one lane, but this will give that section of road a much needed turn lane and this should make traffic flow much better.

1.15.2009 The RT 226 construction is just about finished. The road work is done and they are finishing up on the landscaping. No more traffic delays due to construction and thatís great news for everyone!

4.13.2010--WOW!!! What a winter season we had this year!!!! We are really glad that the cold weather and snow are behind us. Now we can plant the garden and clean up the winter mess!!

2009.12.19 SNOW STORM (55)
2006.11.05tractor (5)

Horses in our front yard belong to the Springmaid Resort which is across the Toe River. Every once in awhile they escape to our side because they think that the grass is greener on the other side--actually it is!!! It is kinda nice to see they here sometimes. Just as long as they stay out of Gailís garden!

2011.10.07 (1)sm

12.15.2016 US 19E construction is coming right along. The fourlane road is now finished from Rt 80 all the way to I-26. That makes for a much better & faster ride. The area between Spruce Pine and Rt 80 is starting to take shape! Much of the landscape along that section is starting to look different.